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What Can Mold Training Do For You?

By Hans Porter
If you are interested in a career in indoor air quality (IAQ) or if you are already involved in the indoor air quality field, but you would like to further your education, you are advised to consider mold training. Mold is a problem in many businesses and homes, all around the world. Mold may lead to poor air quality. Since, in a way, the two are related, you may be able to benefit from undergoing the proper mold training.

Green Real Estate Education Presents a New Era Coming to the Industry

By Kerry R. Mitchell
Real estate can see a new era coming in the green revolution. It is no longer business as usual. Years ago, all professions in real estate were forced to become part of the information age, a new information revolution. Fifteen or so years ago, in many areas hard copy paper descriptions of homes for sale and lease and commercial properties were hand delivered.

How Wholesalers Use "Assignment of Contract" To Flip Properties

By Lex Levinrad
Assigning a contract is a very useful tool for wholesalers that would like to assign their rights to a property for a small profit. An assignment of contract form is used to transfer beneficial interest in the property to the new buyers (assignee) from the existing buyer (assignor).

Welding Schools - How to Find a Good Welding Program

By Jody Collier
1. All welding schools are not created equal. 2. All welding instructors are not created equal 3. Cheap and convenient is not always best.

Building Inspector Course - An Overview

By Muhammad Suhail
Building inspector is a profession that consists of practical and technical work and can be presumed as hands on profession. A building inspector course is most commonly offered as a subject of study in the form of an associate degree after which the student enters its respective professional field for hands on practice work. Most of the courses offered in the building inspector degree are related to building inspections and its related fields.

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